Patricia the pointillist tattooist

The third tattoo studio I visited in Copenhagen was Kunsten pa Kroppen and there I initially met Patricia.  This is a studio that specialises in hand tattoos and as you can see on Patricia's chest and sleeve, they are very beautiful.  She is an apprentice tattooist and has acquired the skills in pointillism.  Examples of her work can be seen on the website

Patricia is from Copenhagen and started working a year ago at the studio and now she is only 21.  Her first tattoo was when she was sixteen and her first professional tattoo as she describes it was when she was eighteen.  Already she has plenty of ink and she will continue until she has a full body suit - no messing, no doubt in her mind.

After her arm is finished she will have work on her legs.  Fellow tattooist at the studio, Kai, did her sleeve though her other colleague, Marcus, did the other work.  She worked collaboratively with them on design.  She used to have more piercings than she has now but had some problems with a few of them so took them out.  She will not extend her ears any further..

Her mother is happy she has this career and her father is happy as long as she is.


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