Ancient Greek and Roman tattoo design

This time I had just had more work to bring some greater life to some of the older work on my chest, in particular to the big flowers and to the woman popping out of one of them.  It is important to me as I see more of my chest tattoos than most of the work on my body and I felt that this area is the one I am least happy with. This I believe is an improvement.

I am just back from a trip to Copenhagen and while there visited the Glyptotek museum, where there are many ancient statues on display.  What caught my eye were some casts the museum took of the old statues and then with the aid of very advanced computer technology, they coloured the statues in the way they originally would have appeared.  Some of the results are very surprising.  In particular the tights on the man on the horse which I have decided will be the basis for my left leg piece.  So at the end of this month we will start with the garter design.


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