Pointillism in Copenhagen on Lena from Troms

Lena is from Norway, living in a town in the far north of the country inside the artic circle.  The county she is from is Troms http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troms  She has take a tattoo holiday in Copenhagen. 

The new design on her back is of a the traditional image that is painted on the bow of the Viking ship.  She has a week off work and is spending time each day in the studio.  It's eight years since her last tattoo, so she is taking her time and is very considered about what she has done.  Her tattooist is Kai Uwe Faust, who is from Germany.  The studio specialises in pointillism and with Lena's outline now complete Kai has begun the slow process of filling in the area with points.  Kai uses a metal point to do the work and Lena says she can take hours at a time to be tattooed because the process is so gentle.

I have resolved that when I am next in Copenhagen I must book ahead and have some of this work in me, maybe on my feet.


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