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Jacqui Moore, a very tattooed woman and her partner Curly

  On the 28th July 2011 I wrote about Jacqui Moore from Oxford, following a big article about her in the Daily Mail.  Since then she has had even more ink, completing her legs and I think adding some to her face.  Her partner, Curly is a well known tattoo artist in Oxford.  Here is a rather striking photo of them somewhat in the style of Norman Rockwell, the famous American artist .  Truly a 21st century image of a couple.  The photos are by Mark Leaver,  except the image of Jacqui being tattooed on her face, which belongs to an earlier period..   Ever since I wrote about Jacqui my curiosity has been unsated.  Finally after visiting Curly's tattoo website  a few days ago I saw some new photos of Jacqui, where the work on her legs is now complete.  I decided to phone them.   Curly was the first I got hold of.  Firstly I had to ask for confirmation that

My tattoos as video pop art - Oritse Williams of JLS.

Over a year ago I was an extra in a pop video I thought was for JLS.  In the end it seems to have been used for just one member of that band, Oritse Williams . He is not signed to any label, yet his video has been viewed by over sixty thousand people so far.  You can take a look at it. The director of the video is Drew Cox of Slanted Eyes.  He has created the image here by  transposing a woman diving into water onto my image.  I think it is eye catching and rather flattering to me.  Every time I look at his photo of me I wish the work on my neck and face were permanent like everything else I have tattooed on my body. I hope this year he will make a film of my tattoo art.  It will be quite something if it gets made.