My tattoos as video pop art - Oritse Williams of JLS.

Over a year ago I was an extra in a pop video I thought was for JLS.  In the end it seems to have been used for just one member of that band, Oritse Williams He is not signed to any label, yet his video has been viewed by over sixty thousand people so far.  You can take a look at it.

The director of the video is Drew Cox of Slanted Eyes.  He has created the image here by  transposing a woman diving into water onto my image.  I think it is eye catching and rather flattering to me.  Every time I look at his photo of me I wish the work on my neck and face were permanent like everything else I have tattooed on my body.

I hope this year he will make a film of my tattoo art.  It will be quite something if it gets made.


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