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TV and newspaper story about my tattooed self

Recently an offshoot of Channel 5, Spike TV, filmed me as a part of their new series on tattoos.  They told me they hadn't fixed a name for the series but it would be something like Tattoo UK. Weeks later a producer phoned me to let me know when the piece was to be aired.  I asked what the series was called and was told "Tattoo Disasters".   The section about me starts 12 minutes in. To say the least I was annoyed about this.  (Thanks for including me in a programme under a title like that.)  I was wilfully misled by the programme makers.  I contacted Curly Moore who had been in an earlier programme in the series and he felt just the same. I have to take the blame for being stupid enough to agree to participate.  As a retired broadcast journalist myself I could easily have guessed that I was entering an ethics free zone. Then yesterday someone I know contacted me to say they liked the art