Hannya Jayne, tattooist from High Wycombe

Hannya Jayne is a very tattooed young tattooist who works at Woody's in High Wycombe.  http://www.woodystattoostudio.com/THE%20CREW/HANNAH.html She is a self effacing and gentle personality.
Hannya has been getting tattooed for a little over ten years and when I met her at the Bristol Convention was about to get some ink from Curly, from Oxford, who I have recently featured in an earlier blog.  But she is also tattooed by Woody at whose studio she works.
She will get a full body suit in time.  She already has some of the back of her head done as can been seen in part, though her hair is hanging down enough to obscure part of the work.  She will have much more of her neck tattooed and maybe more of her head, but not her face.  Much of the work on her body is very intricate.
Her neck will be done by James (I didn't check out who he is!) and will be Japanese style.  She says she is quite sexist in her choice of designs.  Her back has some work on it already but she is going to get Curly to cover her whole back with black heavy designs.
Her face and ears are much pierced and she has one other piercing elsewhere and that is it.  No more planned. 
Her Mum initially was not happy that her daughter was tattooing for a living but now she carries Hannya's business cards around with her.  It took a little time but now she's happy that her daughter is happy.


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