Polynesian tattoos on a English chef

I was walking home after visiting a couple of art exhibitions at the RWA museum and the Bristol Museum of Art and walking past the Eldon House pub noticed someone through the window with very striking tattoos.  First I walked on then stopped and returned thinking I would step inside and accost the owner of the ink.  But the pub was closed.  But he saw me and came out to speak to me.  I think he vaguely recognised me.
He is Colin Halton and is the chef at the pub, well known for its Sunday lunches in Clifton.  Very quickly he told me that his freshly tattooed sleeve on his left arm was done by no other than Ben Boston, my tattooist!  The work is Marquesan design from Polynesia.  http://www.schoolsliaison.org.uk/bodydecoration/tattooing/marquesas.html 
I didn't know Ben did this kind of work, so it was an eye opener for me.
He started this work when he was thirty, eight years ago.  Down from his knees are done and part of his chest.  He will get a full body suit all in Marquesan style.  Most of his design is done by Marcelo Ramos in Sao Paulo in Brazil.  Ben is likely to continue execute the designs.
Colin was inspired by his Dad who is heavily tattooed, done by the legendary Les Skuse.  He works as a chef and rides bikes.  He has partner Lisa Davenport, is covered in ink too, also by Ben.  I will somehow have to catch up with her too.
He started getting his ears stretched when he was fifteen and used to have lots of facial piercings.  Now there are just a few left.


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