Jen has a face tattoo

Jen is a personal trainer who originally hails from Winnipeg in Canada, though she has lived in England the majority of her life - since 1997.  For all that, she still has a Canadian accent.  She says she regularly visits Canada and even has her tattooist there.

Jen had her face tattoo inked in 2010 so it is really an established part of her.  She says she had it done when she was completely happy with who she was.  She has lots of piercings, once there more, having kept the ones she most liked.

She had her first tattoo when she was 17 in 2005.  It was a friend that did the work at home.  She says she will be covered by the time she goes into the ground.  Although she has lots of tattoos already including on her ankle and leg she has plenty of space yet.  Soon she will extend her neck tattoo so that it goes all the way round.

Not satisfied with just having her face tattooed her immediate plans now are for a head tattoo on the right hand side of her head.  She is looking right now for the right person to do it.  She wants an Alice in Wonderland theme.  It is to be a Cheshire Cat with the phrase "we are all mad here".

The writing on her chest is poetry from the movie "Inception" which she had done for herself and her eldest boy.  Unsurprisingly "Inception" is her favourite film.

Jen is a personal trainer, so she feels she is not affected by her being so visibly tattooed.  Some clients look at her askance but after twenty seconds say "so you're not a scary person" and then everything is all right.  I can't really imagine anyone first meeting her and finding her frightening.

She gets most of her work done in Canada by Mike Johnston at Ink and Steel in Winnipeg, though I found him at and


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