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A planned temporary tattoo adventure

My fixation with face tattoos is obvious to anyone following my blog.  So while my wife is away in India later in November 2015, I plan to head off to London to get my face, head and neck covered in temporary tattoos, only this time I plan to keep them for several days. It wasn't altogether as straightforward as I imagined to arrange.  First I planned going to Brighton where I know there is a strong alternative community.  One body painter I contacted suggested I speak to Naomi Gay, who would be most comfortable doing what I want. naomi . gay After all, it is a bit outside the norm.  Alas Naomi was heading abroad for several months the day before I planned to arrive in Brighton.  But she wanted to put me in touch with a couple of other body painters she respects.  The problem was they were around London. The first contact was Natalie Sharp.  And once I spoke to her I thought she could be just the person.  But