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Head face and neck tattoos in London - part 4

Saturday 21st November Back for my English Breakfast at the Italian cafe (Pellicci's) around the corner.  We exchanged several photos, with the boss getting one of his staff to photograph me and him together. Then off with my dogs back to Broadway Market . There I caught up with the owners of a lovely cafe again.  It has the not too imaginative name of Market Cafe. You can see the Frenchwoman in white at the bar. They were lovely to me. Afterwards I walked along the canal until I arrived at Victoria Park and then just sat down there for a while.  A very peaceful morning enjoying the small delights of an east London previously unknown to me. But I had to get back because after lunch my host, Milos Mali, had agreed to take professional photos of me. Just a few years ago Milos h

Life with head, face and neck tattoos - part 3

Friday 20th November Horror of horrors, much of the neck tattoo under my chin came off on my pillow last night.  I feel despondent.  I'd banked on three days of perfection. After breakfast at the local cafe and English Breakfast too and much friendliness from the staff, I headed off for a walk with Twiggy and Suki and ended up at London Fields.  London Fields is an evocative name being the title of Martin Amis's eponymous novel.  The place itself is quite forgettable as a dog walk and surrounded by ugly multi-storey buildings, but I met a group of dog walkers who engaged in doggy chat.  It was ultra normal from my point of view - just what happens on many days on my walks at the parks around Bristol.  One of them took a photo of me with the dogs and you can see I look self confident.  I feel self confident. Then I headed back stopping at a cafe in Broadway Market.  Climpso

My visible tattoo adventure in London - part 2

Thursday 19th November To return to Natalie's house I had a good walk with my dogs, much of which was across Victoria Park.  I'd never been there before and was surprised by its size and interesting features. The council claims nine million people visit it every year. I didn't think it would take Natalie too long to finish my neck and then work on my hands and arms.  In actual fact she didn't finish until about late lunchtime.  These photos are a bit dull as she no longer had the lighting needed for clear photos, but you can get the idea, though I realise now there are no good images of my arms and hands.. At the end of it all Natalie took the necessary selfie and here she is with me.  I am so grateful to her for the gloriously detailed work she did and I felt like a million dollars.  The work on my neck cleverly disappeared the old man stringyness of it. It was quite late by the tim

My head, face and neck tattoo adventure in London - part one

Tuesday 17th November This was the beginning of my little adventure as a completely head to toe tattooed man.  For four days I would live the experience.  Would I be shunned?  Would I even be making myself vulnerable to physical attack at worst and at best the subject of casual verbal abuse.? I had all my hair shaved off and most of my beard and had a waxing so my body can be easily painted.  Next begins the process of full transformation. Wednesday 18th November I set off from Bristol with my dogs and having walked them, drove on to London.  The M4 was closed causing a big diversion.  I stopped at Hounslow about 1:00 pm.  It took almost three hours to cross London, so much for the effectiveness of the Congestion Charge. Thus my arrival at Natalie Sharp's was delayed until 4:00 pm. This was not the start I'd hope for. But Natalie began the task of painting my head.  She is very careful with her work and it took her three and a half hours to cover my head, face an

My left thigh progresses with more colour

Not much to report really on my leg piece.  Ben entered colour into the diamonds.  There are sixteen of them around my leg which reminds me just how big a piece it would be if stretched out.  Nine of them were completed in this session so next time he will finish that and begin the pending work near my groin. Ben has an unusual booking system.  For clients who are not in the middle of larger pieces of work, everyone else must queue up once a year for a booking.  On 31st October there were 105 people who arrived and some had to wait for hours.  Ben is now booked up to 2017.  This wasn't even his biggest year.  A couple of years ago there were over 130.  He says about 20% are new customers. I had a lot of trouble with the ink after my previous session in September with a much soreness and blistering which only now has fully healed.  It turns out it was some faulty ink.  I had wondered if it was caused by the numbing cream I used, but apparently not.  Several other people h