My visible tattoo adventure in London - part 2

Thursday 19th November

To return to Natalie's house I had a good walk with my dogs, much of which was across Victoria Park.  I'd never been there before and was surprised by its size and interesting features.
The council claims nine million people visit it every year.

I didn't think it would take Natalie too long to finish my neck and then work on my hands and arms.  In actual fact she didn't finish until about late lunchtime.  These photos are a bit dull as she no longer had the lighting needed for clear photos, but you can get the idea, though I realise now there are no good images of my arms and hands..

At the end of it all Natalie took the necessary selfie and here she is with me.  I am so grateful to her for the gloriously detailed work she did and I felt like a million dollars.  The work on my neck cleverly disappeared the old man stringyness of it.

It was quite late by the time I returned to Bethnal Green but that evening I had arranged to meet Jo again, this time at Camden.  My hosts Caitlin and Milos begged me to let them dog sit so I was free.

As I came out of the Camden Town tube station and hung around a little waiting for Jo, I woman of about 60 very purposefully approached me and planted herself in front of me.  Bright eyed she exclaimed "wonderful, you look absolutely marvellous!" and then she headed off.  Soon I was complimented by an Italian.    I then engaged in a conversation with a scouser (from Bootle) who was writing new agey readings on the pavement.  We had time to connect with each other and I learned something of his life story.

With Jo arriving we had a walk around and ended up in a music pub.  No more compliments but nothing negative either.  I don't doubt that people were staring at me but the British are highly skilled at doing it without your knowing it.  I felt relaxed.

On the train back I was chatting to Jo and she said I think the young woman next to you is trying to make contact with you.  I turned and she asked me "are they real"?  I smiled and said "what do you think".  I never heard her answer because some musicians had boarded the train and created a distracting sound.  I turned back to Jo.  Then she said I think she still wants to talk to you.  So I turned again and she was very complimentary though I can't remember just what she said.  At which point the guy sitting opposite me joined in the conversation talking about his own tattoos.   I am struggling to remember when last anyone on the tube struck up a conversation with me.  Flushed with the attention as I left the train I turned to the young woman and told her she was beautiful.  I don't think she was objectifying me nor I her.  I wait to be corrected.


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