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Remarkable neck and chest piece in white ink

While in Austin, Texas last month I took a tour of tattoo studios in and around the famous Sixth Street, home of so much music and the alternative scene.  There I met a young woman getting her second piece of work in the same day at two different studios.
I was immediately struck by her unusual neck and chest piece in white ink.  I have never seen anything quite like this.  In fact, nothing like it at all.

This neck piece wasn't done at this studio as I remember.  Though I am not even sure in which studio I met her.  I think it was All Saints.  Please forgiveme if I am wrong.

She herself is a "fine artist" and chooses to find artistic expression art on her body.  She says the dermals on her face have so far lasted seven years and never migrated.  She has one side of her head tattooed though at the moment it is barely visible, which I though was a great shame.

When I asked her to show a little more of her chest tattoo I hadn't e…

Now my right arm is complete

Getting tattooed always takes longer than you think it's going to.  Well, at last my right arm sleeve is complete.

The work today involved finishing a jellyfish on my elbow.  Ben says that the skin is of varying thickness there and it is hard to achieve an even density of ink.  So it took a long time for a relatively small area to be covered.

Now to start work on my left arm.  Next month I go for a consultation with Jo Harrison in Birmingham and work starts in January.

Jo Crow

Jo caught my attention because of her backpiece that's not a million miles different from my own.
Jo comes from Ballymoney in Northern Ireland.

Her Instagram account is @jc08cut

She's a hairstylist and bodypiercer.  In addition to her back she has her chest ribs and stomach upper thigh down her legs to her ankles.

Her back is by Skinworks in Belfast.

Other work is by Alex Vaatete at Vatican Studios, Orange County, California.

The following day she planned to have work on her arm for the first time from elbow to inner wrist by Alexis, which will be an owl piece. You can see the completed work on her Instagram.

Jo was wearing striking clothing.  I'd seen the likes of it on sale at the convention and it was expensive.  But not for Jo because she scours the internet and finds very low cost equivalents in China.  So she has a wardrobe of this style of outfits.  She's not afraid to take it off in publ…

My right arm sleeve is almost complete, but not quite

There is just a bit of the elbow to complete now.  It was frustrating that my time ran out when another quarter of an hour might have seen the job done.

The slowest part of the session was the fish on the inner elbow.  Ben says this is a very sensitive area of the skin where it is easy to cause damage.  Well, I was just fine.
So next time I can have the top left leg tidied up by Ben and I will then be ready for my left sleeve to be completed.  Work starts with Jo Harrison next January.

Spectacular tattooed Norwegian

Lasse Risvik is from Stavanger in Norway and I caught up with him at the London International Tattoo Convention.  I was just one of many who was taken aback by the power of his full bodysuit.  His pictures appeared in several of the British national media following the convention.  No surprise there.

Lasse's Japanese bodysuit was done at Noi Siamese in Oslo.  It is all but complete now. and

Lasse works as bouncer and a kindergarten teacher - wonderful contrast though he says it's the same job, just different age groups.

Yo Alexia Kruizenga, hairstylist extraordinaire

I like to get my face painted at tattoo conventions if it is at all possible.  But no such service was offered at the London International Tattoo Convention.  Then I spotted two young women walking around who did have their faces painted and covered in lots of glitter. 

Yo or Ioanna to be correct, was the answer to my search.  She was willing to paint people and I arranged for to do the works on me.
Yo is from Brighton and taught herself to be a hairstylist in her bathroom and now does it for music videos and photo editorials and also does alternative modelling on the side.  @loveyohair
She has matching tattoos on both sides of her face because she lost a pair of earrings that she loved, so she had them tattooed on - as you do.  Asked if she gets comments about the face tattoos her answer was simple. No.

She doesn't plan her tattoos and has them when the mood takes her.

Ioanna is of Greek origin and has a lovely sense of energy and exuberance.  A joie de vivre, though she's …

London International Tattoo Convention 2016

This was my first visit to the London International Tattoo Convention and there were quite a few surprises.  I wasn't prepared for the setting to be so beautiful.  The approach to Tobacco Dock is not imposing but as I entered the gates all changed.  A few fine boats were moored there and on the other side of the dock were quite fine blocks of flats.  But most impressive was the way that the old warehouses, or whatever the building used to be, have been transformed into a space so ideal for shows and exhibitions.  Every nook and cranny is architecturally interesting.

I was also surprised by the degree to which the event lived up to its name "international".  It seems that most of the tattooists came from abroad and many of the visitors I spoke to had travelled from around the world especially to be there.  Conversations weren't always easy as not everyone had good English.

The weather was unseasonably sunny and warm and many people hung around outside the main buildi…

Tattooed face at the dog show

Dragora Druida was at the "Holly Hedge Fun Day" at Ashton Court just outside Bristol with her dog.  The event was to raise money for the local animal rescue centre.  At one stage my wife was there with our three Salukis, while I was busy as the master of ceremonies.  When I saw someone with a quite heavily tattooed face I couldn't resist slipping a way from my duties for a few minutes to talk to her.
She got her dragon on the right side of her face in 2013. The others are all quite or very recent, with the one on her forehead being last May and the neck just a week before I met her in September.
She agrees that getting her face tattooed was a big step on from her body tattoos but she wanted them and wanted to be different.  She loves the art.  They are very personal and most have a dragon theme.
She hails from Manchester but lives in Bristol now.  She agreed that you have to be very self confident to have face tattoos and have to accept people will look at them.  But sh…

The inimitable Grace Neutral

The Bristol Tattoo convention is an unpretentious event, concentrating on tattoos and nothing else. It was not a place where I expected to come across what might be called a tattoo celebrity.
But there was the elfin like Grace Neutral, unmistakeable with her blue and I mean blue eyes, and missing belly button.
I interviewed Grace and when I played it back and did some cross checking with other articles published on her, discovered that I had asked her all the same questions as everyone else, or at least she had told me the same things as she always says to boring people like me.
Not that she looked bored.  She is a very engaging personality and was only too happy to concentrate on helping me out as she stood behind her stall, where she sells her merchandise.
I asked her what next in her body modification world and she told me she is planning to get all the ink on her legs reworked by Guy leTatooer in Toulouse  She is having her legs extensively changed by him …

And even more of my tattoo sleeve

My watery sleeve with its jelly fish, anemones, coral and fish is gradually moving towards completion.

When looked at from this angle it looks almost complete
But from here you can see that there's a couple of sessions to go yet.

It is hard not to be impatient, especially as my next booking is not until October.

More on my sleeve

There's not much more to say than my sleeve progresses with work on my inside arm and two anemones and some more seaweed.  Maybe a couple more sessions will see it completed.

Tattoos at the Hatchet Inn

I had just finished a drink with a group of young people I had just met at a pro-EU rally on Bristol's College Green.  As I passed the bar I noticed a couple of heavily tattooed young people and felt compelled to talk to them.

There was Paul Livingston who has been getting tattooed for ten years.  He says he is aiming for full coverage, apart from the face.  He wants a dragon on his neck and head.  I like the family that my body is a painting and makes me feel more natural.

He actually lives upstairs in the Hatchet pub itself and has been there for a year.

Much of his work has been done by my tattooist Ben Boston though he has had some of his work done by scratchers at their homes.  Oh dear....

Shelly Leggett and Paul are friends who have met at the pub.  Shelly used to work there.  She now works as an animal care assistant at the Bristol Dogs and Cats Home.

She started to get tattooed nearly seven years ago but she has only recently had quite a bit added.  The bear and the tree…

Nathan's hand tattoo

Nathan Kitchen is from Bedminster in Bristol and must be the most heavily tattooed parking warden in the city.  I first met him just over a year ago as I was tying my bike to some railings near my dentist.  He was busily keeping an eye out for people parking illegally.

Although he then didn't have his neck tattooed you couldn't miss the extreme level of his ink.  I didn't catch up with him at the 2015 Bristol Tattoo Convention the following week but we bumped into each other this year in June 2016.

He had the previous day had his neck done and was about to get the palm of his left hand done.  Ouch.  This is about to begin as Mark Walker from Liverpool Bold as Brass studio gets to work. 

Why the palm of his hand?  He is going for a full body tattoo and that includes his hands so it's just part of the mission.  His legs aren't done yet, but they will be.  Plenty of time yet, he says.

Electric Ink in Bristol has done a great deal of his…