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Big scratching

Amateur tattooists or "scratchers" are usually something of a menace, and can damage public perception of tattoos.  Normally they don't engage in extensive coverage of people's bodies but there are exceptions. I met Lewis on the train from Bristol to Stafford.  I was curious about his sleeve and couldn't quite work out what it was all about. Lewis who is 22 and works in catering said he had always wanted a sleeve and when a friend offered to do it he let him.  He definitely plans more tattoos and will get it shaded in.  He is "off" colours.  He will keep going until he runs out of skin. He likes dark themes with monsters and the likes.  He has wording on his right arm that reads "so many people tiptoe through life so carefully to arrive safely at death". He isn't worried that his tattoos are not very professionally done.  Why worry?  He may or may not ultimately get his bodysuit done professionally. Each to their own.

My first much more visible tattoo

This is the beginning of the lower part of my right arm sleeve.  I have had just about all the rest of my body tattooed that isn't clearly visible wearing short sleeves and shorts.  Now I am coming out.  Well in a manner of speaking considering that my almost naked self has previously been in the Daily Mail and on TV.  There's not much point in holding back now. As Ben prepared to begin the work I felt an adrenaline rush unlike any before at this stage of being tattooed.  Maybe because all my temporary tattoos have been on my arms, face and head and at last I have one of those areas being done for real.  It feels like a transgressive action. Looking at the work after a couple of hours it is extremely difficult to see how the completed work will look, especially as it will be blended in style with the work on my upper arm.  The jelly fish certainly isn't yet recognisable as the one being used for inspiration, shown here left. I am now very impatient for the wo