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The inimitable Grace Neutral

The Bristol Tattoo convention is an unpretentious event, concentrating on tattoos and nothing else. It was not a place where I expected to come across what might be called a tattoo celebrity. But there was the elfin like Grace Neutral, unmistakeable with her blue and I mean blue eyes, and missing belly button. I interviewed Grace and when I played it back and did some cross checking with other articles published on her, discovered that I had asked her all the same questions as everyone else, or at least she had told me the same things as she always says to boring people like me. Not that she looked bored.  She is a very engaging personality and was only too happy to concentrate on helping me out as she stood behind her stall, where she sells her merchandise. I asked her what next in her body modification world and she told me she is planning to get all the ink on her legs reworked by Guy leTatooer in Toulouse  She is having her legs

And even more of my tattoo sleeve

My watery sleeve with its jelly fish, anemones, coral and fish is gradually moving towards completion. When looked at from this angle it looks almost complete But from here you can see that there's a couple of sessions to go yet. It is hard not to be impatient, especially as my next booking is not until October.

More on my sleeve

There's not much more to say than my sleeve progresses with work on my inside arm and two anemones and some more seaweed.  Maybe a couple more sessions will see it completed.