Tattooed face at the dog show

Dragora Druida was at the "Holly Hedge Fun Day" at Ashton Court just outside Bristol with her dog.  The event was to raise money for the local animal rescue centre.  At one stage my wife was there with our three Salukis, while I was busy as the master of ceremonies.  When I saw someone with a quite heavily tattooed face I couldn't resist slipping a way from my duties for a few minutes to talk to her.

She got her dragon on the right side of her face in 2013. The others are all quite or very recent, with the one on her forehead being last May and the neck just a week before I met her in September.

She agrees that getting her face tattooed was a big step on from her body tattoos but she wanted them and wanted to be different.  She loves the art.  They are very personal and most have a dragon theme.

She hails from Manchester but lives in Bristol now.  She agreed that you have to be very self confident to have face tattoos and have to accept people will look at them.  But she forgets she has them most of the time because she herself can't see them, then she wonders why people are looking at her!  Interesting.


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