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Jo Crow

 Jo caught my attention because of her backpiece that's not a million miles different from my own. Jo comes from Ballymoney in Northern Ireland. Her Instagram account is @jc08cut She's a hairstylist and bodypiercer.  In addition to her back she has her chest ribs and stomach upper thigh down her legs to her ankles. Her back is by Skinworks in Belfast. Other work is by Alex Vaatete at Vatican Studios, Orange County, California. The following day she planned to have work on her arm for the first time from elbow to inner wrist by Alexis, which will be an owl piece. You can see the completed work on her Instagram. Jo was wearing striking clothing.  I'd seen the likes of it on sale at the convention and it was expensive.  But not for Jo because she scours the internet and finds very low cost equivalents in China.  So she has a wardrobe of this style of outfits.  She's not afraid t

My right arm sleeve is almost complete, but not quite

There is just a bit of the elbow to complete now.  It was frustrating that my time ran out when another quarter of an hour might have seen the job done. The slowest part of the session was the fish on the inner elbow.  Ben says this is a very sensitive area of the skin where it is easy to cause damage.  Well, I was just fine. So next time I can have the top left leg tidied up by Ben and I will then be ready for my left sleeve to be completed.  Work starts with Jo Harrison next January.

Spectacular tattooed Norwegian

Lasse Risvik is from Stavanger in Norway and I caught up with him at the London International Tattoo Convention.  I was just one of many who was taken aback by the power of his full bodysuit.  His pictures appeared in several of the British national media following the convention.  No surprise there. Lasse's Japanese bodysuit was done at Noi Siamese in Oslo.  It is all but complete now. and Lasse works as bouncer and a kindergarten teacher - wonderful contrast though he says it's the same job, just different age groups.

Yo Alexia Kruizenga, hairstylist extraordinaire

I like to get my face painted at tattoo conventions if it is at all possible.  But no such service was offered at the London International Tattoo Convention.  Then I spotted two young women walking around who did have their faces painted and covered in lots of glitter.  Yo or Ioanna to be correct, was the answer to my search.  She was willing to paint people and I arranged for to do the works on me. Yo is from Brighton and taught herself to be a hairstylist in her bathroom and now does it for music videos and photo editorials and also does alternative modelling on the side.  @loveyohair She has matching tattoos on both sides of her face because she lost a pair of earrings that she loved, so she had them tattooed on - as you do.  Asked if she gets comments about the face tattoos her answer was simple. No. She doesn't plan her tattoos and has them when the mood takes her. Ioanna is of Greek origin and has a lovely sense of energy and exuberance.  A joie de vivre, thoug