Jo Crow

 Jo caught my attention because of her backpiece that's not a million miles different from my own.
Jo comes from Ballymoney in Northern Ireland.

Her Instagram account is @jc08cut

She's a hairstylist and bodypiercer.  In addition to her back she has her chest ribs and stomach upper thigh down her legs to her ankles.

Her back is by Skinworks in Belfast.

Other work is by Alex Vaatete at Vatican Studios, Orange County, California.

The following day she planned to have work on her arm for the first time from elbow to inner wrist by Alexis, which will be an owl piece. You can see the completed work on her Instagram.

Jo was wearing striking clothing.  I'd seen the likes of it on sale at the convention and it was expensive.  But not for Jo because she scours the internet and finds very low cost equivalents in China.  So she has a wardrobe of this style of outfits.  She's not afraid to take it off in public either.

More importantly she is super friendly and open.  It was great fun talking to her.


  1. Hi ☺Thanks so much for your great pics and lovely comments 😊😊😊😊 It was fab meeting and chatting with you too 👌Until next year 😎


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