Yo Alexia Kruizenga, hairstylist extraordinaire

I like to get my face painted at tattoo conventions if it is at all possible.  But no such service was offered at the London International Tattoo Convention.  Then I spotted two young women walking around who did have their faces painted and covered in lots of glitter. 

Yo or Ioanna to be correct, was the answer to my search.  She was willing to paint people and I arranged for to do the works on me.
Yo is from Brighton and taught herself to be a hairstylist in her bathroom and now does it for music videos and photo editorials and also does alternative modelling on the side.  @loveyohair
She has matching tattoos on both sides of her face because she lost a pair of earrings that she loved, so she had them tattooed on - as you do.  Asked if she gets comments about the face tattoos her answer was simple. No.

She doesn't plan her tattoos and has them when the mood takes her.

Ioanna is of Greek origin and has a lovely sense of energy and exuberance.  A joie de vivre, though she's not French.


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