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My left arm sleeve with Jo Harrison

Monday was a different kind of tattoo day for me.  It must be over twelve years since anyone tattooed me other than Ben Boston.  But I have been itching for a while to get someone else's work on my body, while feeling guilty for betraying Ben.  Ridiculous really.  Most people work with a few tattooists.

I saw Jo at the Bristol convention last June and chatted with her about doing some work on me.  I first met her nearly twenty years ago when I was travelling around the country with my red Mohican.    Yes I got myself a Mohican and it was feeling a bit sorry for itself so when in Birmingham I found an alternative hairdressers to fix it for me.  At the same place Jo was working as a body piercer.  She invited me back to her home to watch her with one of her first ever tattoo clients.

Jo doesn't remember all that, but I'd not forgotten.  Subsequently I watched her career grow through the tattoo magazine reports on her and by seeing her at conventions.  Now at last I had the …

What's my age?

A few weeks ago Beth Williams contacted me from Salford University asking if I would take part in a documentary she was making as part of her degree course.

Then she sent me the link below, which includes the four stories she filmed about old people who disregard their chronological age.  I was impressed by them.  Do take a look.  (The stills of my chest (above) are taken from the film about me.)