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My fascination with face tattoos

Last Sunday in Frome I met James Mills from Glastonbury. He already has tattoos on his neck, arm, calf and elsewhere.  Now he has taken the big leap of getting his head and part of his face tattooed. I adore good face tattoos and below I show many examples of when I have had temporary face and head tattoos myself. When I am at a convention or elsewhere and see someone with face tattoos I quickly approach them and have a chat.  Some of those encounters are shown here too. At Frome I had my face painted again and here is another portrait of me proudly wearing my sadly short lived face tattoo.  I always get them done in black so they can look a little more realistic.  Painted colour never looks other than painted. It gives me a big buzz which lingers for several days. But for James he will wake up in the morning with his face tattooed and every morning thereafter.  I asked him why he had taken this big step and he said because he is going bald.  I rational answer to a rat

Frome Tattoo Convention 2017

I drove just over an hour to a small tattoo convention in the Somerset town of Frome.  It is the home of 26,000 people and is bold in organising an event like this.  I think the principal organiser is Jo Black Adrianna Urban is the manager of Southmead Tattoo studio and has lived in Bristol for only 7 months.  She aspires to have a full body suit but no ink on her face and head. James Mills was taking a huge tattoo step in getting his head and part of his face tattooed.  He's from Glastonbury and works in his father's business. I enjoyed, as is my wont, getting my face painted with a moko.  This was done by Ember from Painted People  It took him very little time to complete the job.  He is so skilled.  I didn't get my neck done because I knew I was not staying late into the day and so thought perhaps it wasn't worth the extra cost.  A decision I now regret.  At some point in the future

Sixth Street, Austin, Texas

In November I spent time on holiday in Austin Texas.  I'd never been there before but had heard of Sixth Street, famous for its music, alternative scene and tattoo studios. In the wake of Trump's election I might have expected to meet some angry Texan Trumpites. Well, if I did, they certainly weren't angry.  Everywhere I went I was greeted with a charm and friendliness we could only dream of in the UK. All Saints was one of the studios where I hung out along with Dan Adcock.  Dan is the man with his face and head fully inked.  We had our photos taken with two of the guys who worked there.  A great bunch of people. Dan and I met at a convention we were both attending.  You couldn't miss him and if others might have shied away from his extreme ink, I was drawn to it.  More on this in a separate post.  But he was my Texas tattoo tour guide. Deana True Blue At True Blue, I met Deana who h