Frome Tattoo Convention 2017

I drove just over an hour to a small tattoo convention in the Somerset town of Frome.  It is the home of 26,000 people and is bold in organising an event like this.  I think the principal organiser is Jo Black

Adrianna Urban is the manager of Southmead Tattoo studio and has lived in Bristol for only 7 months.  She aspires to have a full body suit but no ink on her face and head.
James Mills was taking a huge tattoo step in getting his head and part of his face tattooed.  He's from Glastonbury and works in his father's business.
I enjoyed, as is my wont, getting my face painted with a moko.  This was done by Ember from Painted People  It took him very little time to complete the job.  He is so skilled.  I didn't get my neck done because I knew I was not staying late into the day and so thought perhaps it wasn't worth the extra cost.  A decision I now regret.  At some point in the future I will ask him to do a much bigger job.

There were only a handful of tattooists there and a very good piercer (Pin Cushion Body Piercing) plus some tattoo goods and jewellery stalls.  Two well known tattooed glamour models were selling their photos too.   I had a really good time, but am not sure how this event is going to survive.  There were very few out and out tattoo crazies like me at the convention.


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