My fascination with face tattoos

Last Sunday in Frome I met James Mills from Glastonbury.

He already has tattoos on his neck, arm, calf and elsewhere.  Now he has taken the big leap of getting his head and part of his face tattooed.

I adore good face tattoos and below I show many examples of when I have had temporary face and head tattoos myself.

When I am at a convention or elsewhere and see someone with face tattoos I quickly approach them and have a chat.  Some of those encounters are shown here too.
At Frome I had my face painted again and here is another portrait of me proudly wearing my sadly short lived face tattoo.  I always get them done in black so they can look a little more realistic.  Painted colour never looks other than painted.
It gives me a big buzz which lingers for several days.

But for James he will wake up in the morning with his face tattooed and every morning thereafter.  I asked him why he had taken this big step and he said because he is going bald.  I rational answer to a rational question.  But, of course, there has to be much more to this than that.

I wish it really didn't matter about getting your face and head tattooed.  If it didn't I would get mine started tomorrow.  But for many people in society this is a step too far.  Heavens knows why but it is.

I asked if he would get the other side of his head done and he answered that he is not sure because it hurts so much.  But with a short pause he continued that after he had his neck done he said he wouldn't go any higher. James doesn't want not to get the tattoos he wants because of other people.  Anyhow, he thinks that in Glastonbury people are very open minded and diverse.  Good luck to him.  I hope he loves it.  Part of me is very jealous.

Last November I spent time with Dan Adcock at an event in Texas.  He is the first person I have met and spent serious time with who is tattooed head to toe.  Below you can see his face ink.  But everything and I mean everything is tattooed.  Soon I will get around to writing up in full an article on the extraordinary Dan.

Other photos here are other tattooed faces I have met and also other versions of my face tattoos.  I like to ask why other people do this while not understanding why it hold such fascination for me.  Maybe through them I will understand myself.  But I suspect those who have the courage also do not overthink what they are doing.  Part of them doesn't give a damn.


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