Dan Adcock, the most tattooed lawyer I have ever met. (Watch out - there are some very explicit photos here)

Dan Adcock is from Lubbock Texas and used to have a private legal practice there before he retired.
We met at the world Atheist and Agnostic Freethinkers AA convention in Austin Texas back in November.  He is a recovering alcoholic and I was there as a member of Al-Anon.  Unsurprisingly I was immediately drawn to him on first sight in the convention hall.

He and I hung out a bit and then one evening went downtown to Sixth Street and did a tour of the tattoo studios and enjoyed a good steak together.  While I chatted up all the tattooed women he found better things to do.

Then on the last evening I went to his room at our convention hotel and interviewed him about his totally tattooed self.

His head wasn't tattooed until after all his body and his neck.  One day he cut his hair off and went to the Seattle convention in 2009.  The whole outline of the lion was put on.  It took about nine hours over a few sessions to complete the lion.  All this was within the hairline, leaving the option to hide it if he wished but the longest he went was four weeks letting it grow before deciding he wanted to see his lion.   Since then his hair has not been allowed to grow.

Every time he did anything major to his body he said to himself, well that's all.  And then he would do the next thing.  That said, having had the lion done the completion of his his head was part of the original plan.

But then at a later date he shaved his beard off and had his jawline done then allowed his beard grow back.  He itched to have some more tattoos done.  After lots of thought about themes, native American and Sanskrit he embarked on his face.  Then there was the buddhist eye.

He said "I just wanted it, and didn't worry about what other people think."  His hands were a big deal, so the face was just a continuation.  Dan is completely phlegmatic about it.  And importantly he is comfortable in his own skin, a common factor amongst those I have interviewed over the years with extensive visible tattoos.

He looks complete but are there other little things he wants to get done, like the back of his ears.  There's always something.

It's makes him more sociable.  Everyone wants to come up and talk, like I did.  One thing really amused him was in a shopping mall was a guy came up to him and said what the hell were you thinking getting your face done like that.  He recalled thinking that this was none of his fucking business. "I just decided to humiliate him instead of him humiliating me.  That is the only single time someone has attempted to insult me."

What was the bigger step getting your hands or neck done?    "My hands were the first thing I got done when I retired.  One one week the other the next.  A retirement present.  I didn't worry about getting visible tattoos.  I just wanted them.  I didn't particularly care for neck tattoos on other people - I never saw anybody's neck tattoos I really liked.  I figured out what I wanted which was a menagerie of animals with a lion on the centre of my neck.  This was done up to the chin."

It took about a year of thinking about it before Dan went ahead and got his genitalia tattooed.  At that point he was tattooed from the top of his feet up to his neck and his arms to his wrists.  He paused for quite a while having got that much tattooed but he was content except that he had a hole in the middle of his suit, where his genitals were located.

He said "I guess it has a sexual component to it but mainly I just wanted a complete suit."  His tattooist didn't want to do it and after a year of arguing with him about it he continued to refuse and so one day he went to the shop and said "if you don't want to do it I understand that you would find it unpleasant but I am determined to get them done.  Since you've done all my other work I wanted you to have the opportunity to do it."  He then grudgingly said well to hell with it I'll do it.

It took five painful sessions to get it all done.  I asked if he had gone to a tattooist used to tattooing this part of the body could it have been done more quickly?   Dan said "possibly but you have got to factor in it is pretty painful.  Each session was an hour to an hour and a half each.  It was kind of tough.  Particularly the scrotum is leathery skin and difficult to get the needle to penetrate.  There is no muscle or skin to hold it steady.  On my scrotum he put a tennis ball underneath it.  I helped him by holding the ball and held the skin on the tennis ball  and pulled it back and held the ball in place.  The ball kept the skin in one place.  It worked quite well."

Dan's next thing is to get an Appalling piercing on his penis.  This is a piercing that penetrates horizontally through the entire glans of the penis.

There is no end to a project like this.


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