National Maritime Museum in Falmouth

When on holiday in Cornwall recently I visited the National Maritime Museum in Falmouth, who have created a tattoo exhibition.

It's called "British Tattoo Art Revealed" and is wonderfully well curated.  It continues until February of next year.
There are so many interesting facets to the exhibition, which mostly looks at the history of tattoos.  But fascinatingly they have persuaded 100 tattooists  from around the UK to paint 100 model arms and they are all displayed together.  It's really worth seeing.  The one I feature here is by Jo Harrison who is currently working on my arm.

Then in another area of the building altogether they have a collection of fine art painted by tattoo artists.  Two caught my attention.  This here by Aimee Cornwell the young tattooist who says her main influences are Art Nouveau and Alphonse Mucha and also the pre-Raphaelites.  Since I have a number of pieces based on Mucha's work and also a whole back and half a leg that is pre-Raphaelite I could hardly fail not to feature her.

This painting and much of her tattoo work looks like nineteenth century art.

Then there is a painting by Jo Harrison.  The hair of the woman is so art nouveau!  I shall talk to Jo about it when I see her next month.


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