This was my third visit to the Bristol Tattoo Convention and it seems busier than ever.  I was there on the Sunday which is usually quieter than Saturday.

Derryth Ridge was at the stall for the national Maritime Museum in Falmouth.  That was something new.  But very relevant given that they have the UK's biggest exhibition on the history of Tattoos in the UK.

Felicity Tocher is a tattoo trainee at the Higgins and Co studio in Eastbourne.  She has been working there for three years but last December picked up the needles and started the long process of becoming a trained tattooist.

 Jamie Wintle is from Bristol and had just had his head tattooed the previous day.  Here he is with his partner Jodie.  They both have the same haircuts!

Bristol Tattoo Convention is for the tattoo purist.  What is there is tattooing.  No piercing, no roller blade races, no glamour models and fire eating.  Just tattooing.

I love the fact that I have a successful convention based in my own city and it is very well run.  The only thing missing is some decent catering.  I had to go out in search of food.  But you can't have everything.

More on these people's stories later.


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