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Young Italian tattooists

In the afternoon I sat down for a coffee and met three young tattooists and we had a lovely conversation.   Marta and Francesco are Italian and  is Lithuanian.  Marta is often known as Malamarta and is from Italy.  She works at  Ushuaia Tattoo in London. Marta is quite new to tattooing but very self assured.  She may or may not stay in London.  We had a good chat about the possible impact of Brexit on young people like them.  This didn't cheer me up. Francesco is working at London Classic Tattoos A pity we can't see any of his ink.  As you might guess from his name. he is also Italian. And the third of the group is Lithuanian and annoyingly I can't remember his name.  He works at West One Tattoo in Oxford Street.

London International Tattoo Convention 2017

 The big crowds gathered around the tattoo booths.  Monami Frost, major tattoo celebrity.  Tina Rill from Philadelphia and her amazing neck. Marta, tattooist, Ushuaia Tattoo, London.  She is Italian Jay Rill, Tattooist, The Inkwell, Philadelphia, USA This was my second time at the London International Tattoo convention.  I like the fact I can go on a Friday.  Here are a few of the people I met and chatted to. It seemed a little quieter than last year but still great.  It felt like the majority of the people I met were from outside the UK or non-British and so it was with the tattooists.  In every way the convention lived up to its name.  

Head tattoo

Jamie Wintle is from Brislington in Bristol and had just had his new head tattoo done at Avon Tattoo by Jordan Ferris. He'd been planning it for a while and Jordan found the script he was looking for and it was completed in three hours.  In the next few weeks he'll get the other side of his head done. Jamie works at a car body shop so it's no problem getting visible tattoos. He was with Jodie.  They have been a couple for a year.  Tattoos helped attract him to her.  Being together encourages her to get more ink, knowing he will like it.  He even encourages her.  She is busy getting her arms done by Dave Middleton at Somerton near Glastonbury. So they are getting tattooed together and seemingly getting their hair styles together.  Let's hope their compatibility keeps them together.