Head tattoo

Jamie Wintle is from Brislington in Bristol and had just had his new head tattoo done at Avon Tattoo by Jordan Ferris.  https://www.facebook.com/JordanFerrisTattoo/ He'd been planning it for a while and Jordan found the script he was looking for and it was completed in three hours.  In the next few weeks he'll get the other side of his head done.

Jamie works at a car body shop so it's no problem getting visible tattoos.

He was with Jodie.  They have been a couple for a year.  Tattoos helped attract him to her.  Being together encourages her to get more ink, knowing he will like it.  He even encourages her.  She is busy getting her arms done by Dave Middleton at Somerton near Glastonbury.  https://www.facebook.com/unit2tattoo/

So they are getting tattooed together and seemingly getting their hair styles together.  Let's hope their compatibility keeps them together.


  1. Really appreciate the blog,was well written and nice comments.Now have the other side of head tattooed and around my left eye.All the best Jamie +Jodie.

  2. Only just spotted your comment. If you are at the Bristol convention this year on the Saturday I’d love to see your extra head work.

    All best wishes


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