My left sleeve progresses at last

I made the longish journey up to Shrewsbury, where Jo Harrison has her studio at home.  It's rather different from other studios I've been to, given it is also where she and her family live.  I was greeted by her dog Benji.  That was different.  Then I sat down by their window that looked out onto their garden and the countryside beyond and ate my sandwich and the rest of my lunch.

My last appointment was in June so this had been a long wait.  I normally prefer to go to her Birmingham studio as it is just a one and half hour journey away.  But this time I drove and took my wife and three Saluki dogs too as my sister-in-law lives near Shrewsbury.  This gave Suzanne time to catch up with her sister and give the dogs a good walk in the Shropshire countryside.

As you can see most of one side of my arm is now complete - the side I can't see!  I just hope I can get my next appointment with less of a gap  though it won't be by much as Jo is about to produce her second child.  I now feel impatient to get it completed.


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