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Heavy outline on my right leg

The next step in the long journey  to complete my work on my legs from the knees down involved heavy outline on my right leg.  The foot is so difficult causing to my reflex big twitching.  But we are getting there.   Tis outline makes clear just what thew images are,  This stage is not quite complete but will be in December.  The pelican is certainly more obvious.

Now my body is fully covered with tattoos.

A full day session in Shrewsbury saw Jo Harrison complete the outline on my lower left leg.  It is a companion piece to my right leg
Now I have a full body suit notwithstanding that there is two or three years work ahead of me to fill the legs with colour.  So many major things have happened to me this year.

Professional photos of my tattooed body - contains full frontal nudity

These photos were taken by Susanna Ahvalo from Finland and were shot in Vilnius.  Susanna is a professional photographer and there is nothing pornographic about her work.

I am always happy to have some professional photos taken of my tattooed body.  Had they been taken later this month you would have seen my left leg with its new tattoos.  Ah well, I can't have everything.

Getting a big tattoo at a convention

In the photo above the day's job was done on my right leg.

I had always veered away from getting tattooed at tattoo conventions.  But Jo works at lots of conventions and she was coming to Bristol so it made logistical sense for her to do it in my home city.

My fears about conventions were that it would be distracting having the general public staring at me and if I struggled with the pain I would be publicly embarrassed.

The reality was different.  I am such a tart and love attention.  I found talking to people diverting and actually made it easier to cope withe long session.  It was fun.  I had underestimated my performing and exhibitionist personality.  As can be seen in the photo I had decided to be almost naked in order to show off all my ink.  I felt so confident I just walked around on my lunch and tea breaks and after everything was done without my clothes on.
Jo's working style is to spend a long time drawing on the body using different colours.  Here it can be seen…

Chuck Greenberg and Maricel Ramirez

I bumped into Chuck and Maricel while getting a beer in the drinks area of the Bristol Tattoo Convention.  Maricel is from Chile and Chuck from the States.  He is from El Paso, Texas and now lives in New York. They are a couple.

Maricel worked with bands in heavy metal in Chile.  She used to chaperone them, taking them and from the airport airport doing sound checks and everything else.  Chuck used to work in business management in the health system.  He worked in emergency rooms, very depressing.

Chuck had had a very serious car accident and has to live with constant pain.  They are in the UK dog sitting for Lily for six weeks in Chippenham.  Chuck had his body suit done in a ridiculously short time.  How he coped with that I don't know.  But then what is pain to him?

They are a lovely couple and we had such a friendly chat.

Cheryl and Preston, the beautiful couple

They think they are moderately tattooed!  Preston had his face done during the past year.  He is a body piercer from Bury St Edmunds.  Cheryl is a library assistant with blacked out arms.  One done three years ago the other two.  She already had some black on the lower arm and decided to cover other tattoos on the arms until her whole arm was black.  She liked it so much she got her other arm done.

Her chest is a rework done in the last year by Abby Williams.  Her neck was also done by Abby in the past two years.

She is now planning more work on her back and on her front, this time by Will Creswell at Tattoo Art in Bury St Edmunds where Preston works. Preston plans to get plenty more done in small pieces.  He doesn't spend money on clothes.  Tattoos take most of his disposable income.

They are such an attractive couple with a bold confident look.

Bristol Tattoo Convention 2018

Here I am with Chuck Greenburg and Maricel Ramirez.  Chuck is originally from El Paso, Texas and Maricel from Santiago, Chile.  They are married and Maricel is working on getting her Green Card so they can both live in New York.

Preston and Cheryl Sandring.  Preston goes by Preston alone just like Adele or Pele.  A really beautiful looking couple.
Jo Harrison working on my leg.  First the drawn outline was done then it was inked in as can be seen below.
The 4th Bristol Tattoo Convention has settled into a permanent home and there were large queues formed at the entrance well before opening time at 10:30 am.  It is so good to have a convention just cycling distance away from home.

But this was a different convention for me.  Almost the whole day was spent having my right leg sleeve tattooed by Jo Harrison.

But I did have the chance to make a few new friends.

At last my left arm sleeve is complete

Work started in completing my sleeve in January 2017.  This was the first time I had gone to a different tattooist in about twelve years.  I had followed Jo Harrison's career ever since I first met her about twenty years ago.  It is absurd that it took me so long to ask her to do some work on me.

The top one third of my arm was already complete so she had the remainder to do and I hadn't realised how much would be involved.  Then she became pregnant and for several months she was not available to continue the work.

Happily she is now the mother of her second child, River, and my arm is finished and here it is.  I think it is strong piece and distinctively Jo Harrison.

So what next?  Next month Jo is working at the Bristol Tattoo Convention so she will do the outline for the rest of my right leg.  It is inked down to my knee so far.  In that one day on 9th June she will aim to complete a full outline, which may or may not include my foot depending on the time she needs.

Then …

The whippet owner and tattoos

I was walking my three dogs at Ashton Court this afternoon when I spotted a Whippet playing with a couple of other dogs.  My Salukis quickly took a keen interest and as I approached I could see a striking woman with tattoos on her face.

Paula Castle has set herself up at home with private work, even though she tattoos internationally.  The Bristol tattoo scene is a rather closed one, and not easy safely to break into.  Her work appeared in the National Tattoo Exhibition at Falmouth, Cornwall last year, so she is gaining recognition.

As I ever I am drawn to face tattoos and asked her about them.  It was that that led to me learning that she is a tattooist.  Paula comes from Leicestershire and in that area she thinks her face tattoos cause more of a stir than in the rather more cosmopolitan city of Bristol.  Not that she appears to have suffered anything worse than people staring at her.

She calls her studio Black Sheep.  She sees he…

My left arm sleeve approaches completion

At last my left arm sleeve approaches completion.  I started it in January 2017 and it feels like an age.  When I began, in prospect, I thought I was just getting a half sleeve but the reality is that it was two thirds that needed doing.  Then Jo Harrison had a baby in between - how inconvenient of her!
It's funny how you can lots of work done in an area and the visible impact can seem quite small, but suddenly in one session a huge change emerges and this is what happened this week.
Now I am confident if not certain that my session in May will see the finishing touches put to it.
While chatting to Jo we also began to plan getting my lower right leg started.  This I will do in June at the Bristol Tattoo Convention.  For half a day she will draw freehand a design of her choosing and then tattoo all of that in the second half of the day.  Although that will still still leave an enormous amount to be competed and will take at least a year, come June 9th my right leg will look fully …

My day in Bold Street, Liverpool

I was on a mission to get a couple of Hafada piercings and to get my frenum piercing replaced.  Somehow the bar had come out without my knowing.

I was visiting my son in Aigburth, Liverpool, so got the short train journey into the town centre.  Bold Street years ago was the poshest shopping street in Liverpool.  It definitely is not any more and at the bottom end has some very tacky shops.  But at the top end it as become more and more alternative with lots of tattoo and piercing studios.  Bristol has nothing like this.

So I went to Stigmata where I met Yazz, who was very professional and like any good scouser very chatty and extrovert.  She quickly did the piercings and so far I have no after effect whatsoever.

Then I mooched around.  I dropped by at Dr Feelgood Tattoos just off Bold Street.

This was unlike any tattoo studio I have ever seen.  It is a large bar with lots of table as you would expect in a b…

My sleeve continues

It has been a slow process getting my left arm sleeve in place.  It's been over a year now and about five or six half day sessions.  But Jo Harrison likes to be meticulous.  The back of my arm is now all but complete but on the inside the hair and face are yet to be done.

And the woman's hair which will be bright red is the area that will make the big impact.

Jo has recently given birth to her second daughter so has understandably been out of action for a while.  During our conversation she mentioned that one of their clients is a naturists and when he is tattooed he does so completely nude.   So I said, if that's the case why can't I?  She said no problem, so next session in March I will have an afternoon of tattoo and naturism.  Just great!

My fully sleeved self at the London International

Just realised that this item hasn't been posted.  This is me at the London International last September.