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My day in Bold Street, Liverpool

I was on a mission to get a couple of Hafada piercings and to get my frenum piercing replaced.  Somehow the bar had come out without my knowing. I was visiting my son in Aigburth, Liverpool, so got the short train journey into the town centre.  Bold Street years ago was the poshest shopping street in Liverpool.  It definitely is not any more and at the bottom end has some very tacky shops.  But at the top end it as become more and more alternative with lots of tattoo and piercing studios.  Bristol has nothing like this. So I went to Stigmata where I met Yazz, who was very professional and like any good scouser very chatty and extrovert.  She quickly did the piercings and so far I have no after effect whatsoever. Then I mooched around.  I dropped by at Dr Feelgood Tattoos just off Bold Street. This was unlike any tattoo studio I have ever seen.  It is a large bar with lots of table as you would expe

My sleeve continues

It has been a slow process getting my left arm sleeve in place.  It's been over a year now and about five or six half day sessions.  But Jo Harrison likes to be meticulous.  The back of my arm is now all but complete but on the inside the hair and face are yet to be done. And the woman's hair which will be bright red is the area that will make the big impact. Jo has recently given birth to her second daughter so has understandably been out of action for a while.  During our conversation she mentioned that one of their clients is a naturists and when he is tattooed he does so completely nude.   So I said, if that's the case why can't I?  She said no problem, so next session in March I will have an afternoon of tattoo and naturism.  Just great!

My fully sleeved self at the London International

Just realised that this item hasn't been posted.  This is me at the London International last September.