My left arm sleeve approaches completion

At last my left arm sleeve approaches completion.  I started it in January 2017 and it feels like an age.  When I began, in prospect, I thought I was just getting a half sleeve but the reality is that it was two thirds that needed doing.  Then Jo Harrison had a baby in between - how inconvenient of her!

It's funny how you can lots of work done in an area and the visible impact can seem quite small, but suddenly in one session a huge change emerges and this is what happened this week.

Now I am confident if not certain that my session in May will see the finishing touches put to it.

While chatting to Jo we also began to plan getting my lower right leg started.  This I will do in June at the Bristol Tattoo Convention.  For half a day she will draw freehand a design of her choosing and then tattoo all of that in the second half of the day.  Although that will still still leave an enormous amount to be competed and will take at least a year, come June 9th my right leg will look fully covered, just as my arm did in January 2017.  I am very excited indeed at the prospect of all this, but also now at my age becoming increasingly inpatient to complete my body suit.  Well in principle complete it.  There will still be my armpits and taking the designs further closer to my neck.  And then?  Who knows if I will tackle my neck hands and feet.  My feet definitely, the others probably not.  But I am running ahead of myself.


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