At last my left arm sleeve is complete

Work started in completing my sleeve in January 2017.  This was the first time I had gone to a different tattooist in about twelve years.  I had followed Jo Harrison's career ever since I first met her about twenty years ago.  It is absurd that it took me so long to ask her to do some work on me.

The top one third of my arm was already complete so she had the remainder to do and I hadn't realised how much would be involved.  Then she became pregnant and for several months she was not available to continue the work.

Happily she is now the mother of her second child, River, and my arm is finished and here it is.  I think it is strong piece and distinctively Jo Harrison.

So what next?  Next month Jo is working at the Bristol Tattoo Convention so she will do the outline for the rest of my right leg.  It is inked down to my knee so far.  In that one day on 9th June she will aim to complete a full outline, which may or may not include my foot depending on the time she needs.

Then at the end of August she will do the outline on my left leg below the knee is a consistent style.  For me these are exciting times on my journey to a full body suit.


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