The whippet owner and tattoos

I was walking my three dogs at Ashton Court this afternoon when I spotted a Whippet playing with a couple of other dogs.  My Salukis quickly took a keen interest and as I approached I could see a striking woman with tattoos on her face.

Paula Castle has set herself up at home with private work, even though she tattoos internationally.  The Bristol tattoo scene is a rather closed one, and not easy safely to break into.  Her work appeared in the National Tattoo Exhibition at Falmouth, Cornwall last year, so she is gaining recognition.

As I ever I am drawn to face tattoos and asked her about them.  It was that that led to me learning that she is a tattooist.  Paula comes from Leicestershire and in that area she thinks her face tattoos cause more of a stir than in the rather more cosmopolitan city of Bristol.  Not that she appears to have suffered anything worse than people staring at her.

She calls her studio Black Sheep.  She sees her work as art and has a range of products to sell.

She has a Facebook account but is about to close it down.  So she is quite hard to find but lives and works in the Ashton area of Bristol.

Paula is a vegan and feminist and says over 90% of her customers are women and in part that is because these days women appear to be more interested in being tattooed than men.  Interesting.  I speculated that this may be because tattoos now are becoming more and more artistic and this developing sensibility is more in line with feminine taste and thought.  Perhaps the growing number of women working in the trade are changing things too.

If I can find where she is I shall have to go and visit her.  Or maybe we will meet again on another dog walk.


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