Bristol Tattoo Convention 2018

Here I am with Chuck Greenburg and Maricel Ramirez.  Chuck is originally from El Paso, Texas and Maricel from Santiago, Chile.  They are married and Maricel is working on getting her Green Card so they can both live in New York.

Preston and Cheryl Sandring.  Preston goes by Preston alone just like Adele or Pele.  A really beautiful looking couple.
Jo Harrison working on my leg.  First the drawn outline was done then it was inked in as can be seen below.
The 4th Bristol Tattoo Convention has settled into a permanent home and there were large queues formed at the entrance well before opening time at 10:30 am.  It is so good to have a convention just cycling distance away from home.

But this was a different convention for me.  Almost the whole day was spent having my right leg sleeve tattooed by Jo Harrison.

But I did have the chance to make a few new friends.


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