An overlap between my tattoo blog and my transition.

This is how I look after being on hormone treatment for 18 months and after two lots of facial feminisation surgery.  I have also had a lot of electrolysis on my beard.  I have been transformed.  And there is still quite a way to go yet.

You can see some of my tattoos peeping out from the top of my dress.  It seems evident now that my quest for a full body suit is linked to my gender dysphoria.  I am not trying to suggest that everyone who gets a body suit suffer from dysphoria.  Not at all.  But in my case I think it is just one of a number of things I had been doing to change my appearance completely.

Now my focus on being tattooed has dissipated as I continue my transition with my mind devoted now on my gender reassignment surgery scheduled for August of this year, 2020.  Once my transition is finished then I must finish the work currently in progress on my legs.

You can follow my transition via my YouTube videos.  Just search for Zoë Genevieve Perry.


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